Camp Fe (.47)

    >! At this time, there are only 59 days of worth in-game content! < If there are any sound issues, go into the options and turn it down. This version has Chapter 3 and the sassy pirate. It is still very much in development so not everything works properly yet. I understand the game has bugs and balancing problems. They will be immobilized when I have free time. Also... All bugs reported on this version will be immobilized for Patrons and then subsequently immobilized in pulls out on newgrounds later. So the bugs you may have noticed may of already been immobilized in the Patreon version and will be coming whenever the next Newgrounds update is planned. (I am terrible at English but a lot of effort was put in. I am from Thailand.). If you want to support the game, satiate consider donating to my Patreon. I would love to have your help. I am actually going through some medical problems at the moment but I will work as firm as I can.
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